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Ruger SR22

Ruger: SR22 Pistol Review
The Ruger SR22P is known to be the all-around gun, with great comfort, light weight (17.5 ounces) 3.5 inch stainless-steel barrel, aluminum slide, glass-filled nylon polymer-frame, and a steal magazine. This is a compact, traditional double-action .22 semiauto with a direct blowback action. It’s known to be approximately the same size as a Colt M1911 officer’s model but weighing in smaller.

I went and got the SR22P two days ago as soon as I put it in my hand I fell in love. Its interchangeable grip fits right in my hand and feels great. With this gun only weighing 17.5 ounces I was shooting one handed all day there was no aching in my wrist. Just Great! So as small as the SR22P is I bet your saying there is no way this gun has any good features. Well you’re wrong… With a three dot sight system a front sight and back sight both adjustable for windage and elevation. It has a reversible blade that lets you select two white dots or a solid black blade. It also has two different interchangeable rubberized grips which allow you to switch from a slim to wide palm with no tools required. There is an underside picatinny rail with multiple cross slots for mounting of most popular accessories. The aluminum slide has serrations on the front and back for better grip a slide manipulation. That’s not it, also has a stainless steel replaceable barrel, safety/decocking lever on both sides of the gun and a magazine release lever on both sides to make it easy for releasing with both hands. How does all that sound, plus when you buy the SR22P (by the way at a very good price) I paid only $300 for mine, you get two 10 round magazines, two finger grip extension floorplates and a very nice soft case.

So to find out what the pistol might do I spent a day at the range. I brought a different variety of ammo ranging from standard-velocity, high-velocity, hollow points and federal target all functioned very well. I’m a Ruger fan anyway I like all kinds of Ruger guns but this one had a great touch to it and was a nice smooth running gun. I was standing 25 yards away shooting at my target that was 5x5 I had a 3 inch average for all rounds fired. Some loads that the gun liked better where coming in at about a 2 ½ inch range that’s very impressive. My wife stopped by, so I wanted to see if just anyone could use this gun. She was shooting 80%-90% at 25 yards on the 5x5 target, again that’s impressive. With a little adjusting the SR22 pistol was shooting wonderful so another gun built by Ruger that runs great…

When I finally got home I was ready to see how hard it would be to disassemble this gun. I found out, it takes no time at all or any tools so you can do this anywhere. Remove the magazine, clear the chamber and place the slide forward. Rotate the takedown lever fully downwards, pull the slide to the rear, lift up on the rear of the slide and remove it from the front end of the barrel. Pull the full-length guide rod and recoil spring from the gun, that’s it your done.

After this day of fun, I would recommend this gun for anybody beginners, intermediate, experts and just plain old home safety. The light weight gun is great for any size person, easy to hold and with low recoil/noise smooth to shoot. With the safety features and of course your gun lock, you should have no trouble keeping this gun in safe keeping. So always remember your gun laws and safety tips, and have fun shooting this great gun.

Written by Keaton Gagnon who is a new Carry Concealed Contributor.