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Will you be a victim at the next disaster or will you be a Boy Scout?


Death, Taxes, and Disasters are guaranteed to happen; all we have to do is look in our past to help prepare for our future.

Hurricane Katrina was an excellent learning experience for us in many ways. Be prepared for extended outages of services normally provided by our government. This includes power, water, and security.  Even FEMA has on their web site that we need to prepare as a nation for several different scenarios. Whether it is a tornado, earthquake, flood, or terrorist attack there is common themes. Can you take care of your family for 72 hours, three months, six months or one year without going to the store or help from protective services from your local or national government?

Step 1 is to make a plan. FEMA has a check list and we have the URL posted in the resource section of this article. 

Step 2 is to get a list together of your important papers, photos and things to put in a “BOB”. The BOB is a Break Out Bag that has every thing you need for protection.  We at carryconcealed.net were the first to name the BOB. Protections from the elements include natural problems as well as human problems. A list of some of the important things to throw into a 72 hour bag is also listed in the resource section.  All of the security lists that we have reviewed do not include firearms. We recommend your personal favorite CCW handgun, spare ammunition and if you do not have a CCW permit a .22 of some type. If you’re carrying a .45 or .357 the weight of the ammunition may be a factor. The .22 is listed as it is an underestimated round as it can bring down small game in an emergency while allowing more rounds to be carried because of the light weight and cost of the .22 round. Henry has a US Survival Rifle that is light weight, semi-automatic rifle that folds up in a water proof case in its own handle. We have a review on our site listed in the resource section.  If your family has the room a 12 or 20 gage shot gun is always the best combination defense and hunting weapon, but the amount of ammunition is a limiting factor if weight and space is an issue.

 Step 3 is to practice the emergency plan and communicate the plan to exterior members of your family for a meeting place that everyone can meet to support the family after the disaster.

Step 4 is to constantly evaluate and update your emergency supplies. Rotate the food items and check your water supplies on a regular basis.

The bottom line: Can you and your family survive for 72 hours, three months, six months or one year without help from exterior support such as your local or federal agencies? There are different lists that are needed for each different length of time. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”. There are resources that we will be reviewing and adding the CCW materials needed to the additional lists.

Clark – Carryconcealed.net



72 Hour list:

Survival Manual – One of the best is the Boy Scout book as it has first aid, and shelter ideas.

•Minimum of 3600 calories of food per person
•Minimum of 9 water pouches of water per person
•Method of water purification (such as potable aqua or a water filter)
•Additional food & water

•AM/FM Radio with batteries or alternate power source
•Whistle with lanyard
•Cell Phone

•Flashlight with batteries
•Lantern and fuel
•Road Flare(s)

•Personal Hygiene Kit (Include soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, sanitary napkins, diapers, razor, and other toiletry items)
•Toilet paper
•Portable Toilet and accessories

•50 Feet of Nylon Rope
•Pocket Knife
•Rolls of Duct Tape
•Foldable Shovel
•Hatchet or axe
•Sewing Kit

•Waterproof matches
•Alternate fire-starting method
•Solar Emergency Blanket or Emergency Sleeping Bag
•Hand & Body Warmers
•Lightweight Stove & Fuel
•Wool Blanket

HUNTING/PROTECTION – Trigger locks are always recommended, and at carryconcealed.net we prefer the combination trigger locks.

·         CCW gun, and additional ammunition –This would include .32 up to .45 caliber pistols.

·         Shotgun if room allows – 20 or 12 gage

·         .22 rifle to include ammunition – 550 rounds at Wal-Mart is around $8.00

·         .22 pistol if possible


•First Aid Kit and supplies
•First Aid Booklet/Manual
•Burn gel and dressing
•Snake bite kit
•Insect repellent
•Sun block
•Special medication

•At least $20 in your kit -- be sure to include quarters for phone calls

•Emergency Instructions
•Copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, wills, insurance forms, phone numbers, credit card infor, etc.

•A complete outfit of appropriate clothing for the climate your family is located; including extra socks, underwear, hat, sturdy shoes, and gloves.


Only if there is room provides games for the family or some books to help pass the time. This is important, but is on the bottom of the list if weight and room is an issue.