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The Shooter's Crossword Puzzle & Word Search Book

This is a crossword puzzle and word search book designed for the firearms enthusiast. It uses terms and names relating to firearms, their use and development, in a wide array of The Shooters Crossword Puzzle & Word Search Bookcomprehensive entries. Each crossword puzzle has correlated word searches included to help solve it. So, whether you use the term firearm, gun, or weapon; whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced puzzle solver; whether you are an expert marksman or a beginning novice; the subject matter contained here is sure to provide fun, educational, and challenging entertainment.

This book is only possible thanks to the thousands, if not millions, of people involved in firearms and the industry. That means YOU. Every effort was made to include and acknowledge as many manufacturers, production companies, organizations, and gun affiliations as possible. If you were not included in this edition, please accept this sincerest apology for the oversight… it’s a huge industry! (Thank Goodness!)


Whatever word you choose to use, whether it is “firearm,” “gun,” “weapon,” “armament,” “pistol,” or “rifle,” you are referring to an INANIMATE TOOL! And like any other tool, firearms require proper training to be used correctly. If you dislike firearms, this book is NOT for you as it, and its contents, strongly support firearm-gun-weapon-armament-rifle-pistol enthusiasts and the Second Amendment of The United States Constitution.   

"The Shooters Crossword Puzzle and Word Search Book represents a unique method for locking important marksmanship terminology and concepts into the minds of shooters of all ages and disciplines. Whether law enforcement, sport shooter, military, or retail supplier, this fun and enjoyable Shooter Crossword Puzzle and Word Search Book will serve as a valuable learning and reference tool. I encourage you to add this valuable resource to your shooters library today."
Robert S. Walters, Commander, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)

“I am anti-gun and against war, but an avid crossword puzzle aficionado. The advent of this publication has placed firearms into the crossword puzzle arena- and quite thoroughly I may add.”
Politician, Washington D.C.

“Never have I seen an individual approach a project with more enthusiasm and a relentless pursuit of accuracy and facts then Caroline when she took on this monumental task of putting together such a comprehensive collection of firearm oriented crossword puzzles.”
Wade Irwin; 2nd Battalion, 503 Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade

“This book contains the essentials of shooting, crossword puzzles on the subject, and word searches. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in firearms.”
Bernard Stollman; Entertainment Attorney, Brooklyn, NY

“The most impressive collection of weapon terminology under one title.”
Wilson Chaplain; Firearms Specialist, Virginia Beach, VA

Sample Crossword Puzzle