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The Carryconcealed.net team reviews the Glock 23 .40 Caliber.


Our Carryconcealed.net reviewers are constantly “Discussing” whether a Glock or 1911 is a better carry gun. Personally I have preferred 1911 style pistols, .357 revolvers and .45 Long Colt Derringers.  Our Law Enforcement Officers are very vocal about their Glocks’.  Glock as a corporation has the tag line of “Safe Action Pistols”.  There are several reasons that Glock has made this as their company tag line.

First is the trigger system. The first time you shoot a Glock, the trigger feels weird compared to a 1911. Once you get used to the safety on the trigger it actually was an asset in shooting tight groups.  The trigger system has three safety features that are automatically disengaged when the trigger is pulled back, and when the trigger is released they automatically re-engage.

Second is the firing pin safety. The firing pin is blocked from firing in the secured state. This helps against accidental discharges and helps with overall safety. This tight design will also help with accidental discharge when the firearm is dropped. The firing pin safety is only pushed forward when the trigger is pulled and when the trigger is released it also automatically re-engages the firing pin safety.

Third is the loaded chamber indicator. This is a cool feature, but it will only help with safety if the gun owners and shooters actually look at it prior to handling.

The shape of the Glock is what some people call a “Block”. While I thought the same thing, my opinion has changed after having the opportunity to shoot several models. The shape of the action actually was helpful in getting a clear sight picture on the target. I was able to have several groups that the shots were touching each other and in the fast shooting drills placing shots in the center mass was surprisingly easy. Notice in the picture that there are two main groups with most of the shots touching.

After spending time on the range and having tighter groups than I normally have, I found out that the Glock 23 that we had been testing had not been cleaned in over a year and had hundreds of rounds run through. This is a significant difference to my 1911 style handguns. I have several that have had thousands of rounds through them, and need to be cleaned or they will not eject correctly.

The bottom line: We would have to give the Glock 23 5 out of 5 stars for a CCW handgun. The polymers help keep the overall weight down, while having the stopping power of a .40 Caliber. While this was a real joy to shoot, I am not willing to give up my 1911’s yet. This would be an excellent choice for people that want dependability in a defense handgun. I will be buying one for use with IDPA matches so that we can test both the 1911 and Glock in match contests.

Happy trails and keep the lead down range – Clark –Carryconcealed.net


Caliber .40

Action:                                                 Safe Action System

Length (slide)                                       6.85 in.            174 mm

Height 2)                                               5.00 in.            127 mm

Width                                                    1.18 in.              30 mm

Barrel length                                         4.02 in.            102 mm

Barrel rifling right, hexagonal

Length of twist                                      9.84 in.            250 mm

Magazine capacity                                10 / 13 / 15


Mass (weight)Empty without magazine 21.16 oz.          600 g

Empty magazine                                 2.46 oz.             70 g

Trigger pull (standard)                   ~5.5  lbs.         ~2.