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Kangaroo Off Duty or Deep Conceal Comfortable Holster


While I have been a CCW permit holder for many years, I have made several mistakes when buying guns and holsters for concealed carry. First I went and found the biggest gun I could comfortably shoot and then tried to hide it. I prefer to carry my Springfield Arms 1911 in a shoulder rig for comfort. This does not lend itself to comfortable wearing during the summer months. So during the warmer months I have settled on a Taurus 357 with a two-inch barrel for most occasions.

I was teaching a CCW class and decided to try out the Kangaroo to see if I could wear it all day through work. It is a wide, comfortable, strap that fits around your chest right above the stomach area. When you order the holster you need to specify the gun and model type and your chest measurements. It has a shoulder strap on one side and has one pouch for the gun under the arm. Some of the models have two pouches, one the gun and one for more ammunition or handcuffs. There is even a model called the "Traveler" that is to hold passports and or money while traveling in other countries. I was surprised to find out that the Kangaroo had been so comfortable that I had forgotten that I was wearing a 357. I have been wearing the Kangaroo for several weeks and I am very pleased with the comfort of design. I am planning on buying several other Kangaroo’s for the other carry guns that I use.

My wife tried it on and used her S&W 38. She was also very pleased with the comfort of the holster but was not sure if she would wear it every day.  

Great Product – order several today.

One of my good friends writes:

Good friends of mine ask me to use a Kangaroo off-duty concealed carry holster and give him my opinion on the contraption. When I first saw it in the package I thought it was an Ace bandage and I had my doubts about this cloth band with Velcro lasting more than a day. I'm a pretty big ole boy and it is hard to find a shoulder holster that fits and is still comfortable. I strapped the old Kangaroo on; then slid my P-145 auto in the holder under my arm and put on a loose fitting summer shirt over the rig.

As the hot summer day wore on I forgot I was wearing a holster under my shirt. You can still feel the weight of the weapon under your arm but the device fits around your chest and is secured by adjustable Velcro fastener strips. The soft cloth material fits against your bare chest and over one shoulder so no clothes binding occurs. In the Oklahoma heat and humidity anything that touches your skin is going to get wet and dirty; this is not a problem because the rig is machine washable. I ran it through the washer and dryer and back on the next day without a problem. This soft shoulder holster from Kangaroo proved to be my favorite concealed carry rig. Take it from an old Vietnam Vet that has worn a shoulder holster for many years; you will be as happy to own this rig as I am.