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It's in the Bag - A Review of Roma Leathers Concealment Purses


It's in the bag, but you wouldn't know it by looking. A Roma Leathers concealment purse is a discreet and convenient way for a woman to carry a handgun. Although on-body carry would be a first option for many women, sometimes it's not feasible due to clothing restrictions. A concealment purse would be a great back up plan for any woman.


There are several features on the Roma Leathers concealment purse that set it apart from a regular handbag. The Roma concealment purse contains a removable holster, which is securely fastened in the center of the purse with wide strips of sturdy Velcro. Carrying a handgun in a normal purse would not be a wise or safe option and should be avoided. If a purse is not designed for concealed carry, the precious seconds that it takes to rummage through a regular purse to find your handgun could mean the difference between life and death. There is also a greater risk for the gun to inadvertently discharge if it is not properly secured in a holster that is designed for purse carry. The most important thing to remember, though, is that carrying a gun with you will not help unless you can manage to get to it quickly and when you need it most.


It is imperative that you practice drawing an unloaded handgun from the purse on a routine basis. Having a secured gun in the exact location will help with speed and consistency as you practice. The removable internal holster that comes with the purse will fit a standard sized gun, such as a 9 mm Taurus. In addition, the items that you carry in your handbag should be there when you practice because it affects the ease or difficulty of the draw depending on the bulk room of the purse. You would not want to overstuff the bag, which would make it difficult to slide the gun out of its side pocket. After a few practice draws using a .32 Beretta Tomcat, my confidence and efficiency levels increased significantly. Since I am right handed, I carry the purse on my left shoulder. This allows me to reach across with my right hand, unzip the side pocket with one swift downward motion, reach in, pull out the gun, and aim at my target in roughly 3-4 seconds.


Safety is another issue to consider when carrying a handgun in a purse. Most women are not in the practice of keeping their purses with them at all times. Many of us tend to hang them from the back of a chair in a restaurant or place them under our desks at work or into the shopping cart at the grocery store without a second thought. It takes only a couple of seconds for a thief to snatch a bag or a child to get into your purse when you're not watching; therefore, it is essential that you get into the habit of keeping your purse with you at all times, especially when carrying a handgun inside.


Another feature of the Roma Leathers purse includes a sturdy zipper lock, which would benefit a mother of small children. You can see the lock in the picture on the right hanging down, as the handgun is ready to be drawn. The Roma Leathers concealment purses come in various styles and colors and they are crafted with genuine soft leather with reinforced stitching for durability. I prefer the dark brown leather purse which features a long strap in addition to shorter clutch straps for closer carrying situations. The purses also feature separate compartments for cell phones as well as various Velcro and zipper pockets for other essentials. My daughter prefers the lighter brown single wide strapped purse that is roomy enough to serve as a diaper bag for babies and toddlers. No matter what style, design, or color you choose, it would be a wise idea to purchase a Roma Leathers concealment purse. It is my preferred method of carry, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


If you're a man looking for the perfect Christmas present for your wife or just a way out of the doghouse, a concealment purse would make a great gift for any woman who understands the importance of taking responsibility for personal safety. The purses retail for approximately $40-45 each and can be purchased at Personalsafetypro.com.

By Diana Vice, Carryconcealed.net Forum Moderator.