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Concealed Carry in your Vehicle?

As a Concealed Carry Permit holder, we have all been taught that we must train if we are going to be the victor when a defensive situation arises. "You are only half as good under the stress of a defensive shooting as you are on your worst day in training" So, we train. We gather our gear and ammo, and head to the range. If we are lucky, we have the opportunity to participate in tactical training or competitive shooting like IDPA. This at least gets out of the square range, flat target routine. We practice our reloads and our malfunction drills and feel like we are prepared.

However, how many of us spend 3 to 4 hours a day in our cars and yet we never have the opportunity to train for a car-jacking scenario. Most do not have a private range and an old vehicle lying around that we can use to shoot out the glass. How do you carry your weapon in your vehicle? What does the law allow in your state? Do you keep your blaster in your strong side hip holster? Have you ever tried dry practicing your draw stroke seated in your car with the seat belt fastened? Rot a very quick presentation! Would we be better to consider mounting a holster under the dash or between the seats that we can slip our blaster into when we enter the vehicle? I would prefer to secure it somewhere that keeps my blaster from sliding a1Ì over my vehicle as I hit the brakes, so I would probably not just put it in the passenger seat with a newspaper covering it. Several manufacturers have created a vehicle-mounted single gun safe that can provide a secure location for your firearm. Some of these even have a holster that will present the weapon when you open the lid to make a quick presentation.
How about a less than lethal defense? Do we have any options beyond grabbing our gun and blasting away? Would a stun gun or taser be an appropriate resource “How about a chemical agent, though it might be a little to close quartered for that option. Have you even considered the possibilities?
How about the environmental impact of a vehicle involved shooting? I am not talking about recycling! Firing a weapon within a vehicle will certainly damage hearing. Likely, you will have to deal with breaking glass and glass dust quickly spreading near your face. How do you get into a stable shooting platform? Can you draw your weapon without muzzling some part of your own body? If firing through glass, have you anticipated the way the bullet will deflect as it goes through the glass? Do you aim high or low? Does it matter if you are firing through the side windows or through the windshield?
The point is that you do not know... until you know. If you have never fired your weapon through a car's windshield, you will not know how the bullet will deflect. You will not anticipate the intensification of the noise in a closed space or that glass chips flying outward with your bullet will propel glass dust inward toward you.
I encourage you to consider all of the options and find a tactical training opportunity that will allow you to expand your current regimen to embrace these new variables.

Posted January 3, 2010 by Craig Conley - CCN Contributor