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Colt Government Delta Elite 10mm


Carryconcealed.net team tests the Colt Government Delta Elite 10mm and one tester liked the additional sopping power especially considering "opium enriched terrorists".

We headed off to the range to test the Colt Delta Elite 10mm and compare it to other handguns. In our testing we used CCI Blazer 200 grain 10mm TMJ (Total Metal Jacket) and the Winchester 10mm Super X 175-Grain Hollow Point. The Winchester 10mm defense round is about .75 cents per round and the CCI Blazer 200 grain is around .35 cents in lots of 1000. This compares to a .45 defense round Carbon 185 Grain +p at $1.02 per round and .34 cents for the CCI Blazer 230 grain FMJ. We were surprised to find the ammunition right in line with the .45 caliber ammunition as we had heard that it was much more expensive.

One our Carryconcealed.net testers did not have any problems with the additional kick that the 10mm round produces. Kyle, a USMC Marine loved the performance and was able to produce tight groups at ranges of 5, 10 and 25 yards. None of the testers felt that the additional kick the 10mm provided was unmanageable or would stop us from carrying the Delta. In fact our Marine tester said that he would rather have the additional stopping power to help put down opium enriched terrorist. The Delta Elite Government model tested with fixed sights, 5.03 inch barrel length and a weight of 2.44 lbs. with magazine and no bullets. Average muzzle velocity is for the 10mm round is recorded at 1329 ft/s

There are several urban legends that are out there regarding the 10mm round and the problems with the Colt 10mm offerings. The word on the street is that the rounds are expensive, the frames on the Delta can crack and the springs need to be checked under constant wear and tear. The frame cracking and spring wear is due to the additional power of the 10mm on the redesigned 1911 frame. As we were shopping for ammunition we found that the rounds were not as bad as the legends led us to believe, but this does not take into consideration the great deals that you can get on .45 ACP every once and a while. These deals are usually in a divorce sale. We found several good forums that had discussions regarding both. One forum on Nodakoutdoors.com posts that the 10mm can drop a grizzly and has another link to a 10mm site claiming to have shot a black bear in self-defense. The bear was dropped with two rounds to the head. While the bear was only 6 foot and 5 or 6 hundred pounds, it is still a bear. The form also has postings of Alaskan Guides carrying the Glock 20, which is chambered for the 10mm.

The Delta Elite is a 1911 frame and fit into every one of our holsters. As a CCW gun this is one that would be difficult to hide (as is most large frame 1911) but you would be glad to have it in a situation with a wild animal or as our Marine tester stated the "opium enriched terrorist". With all of the gang violence and tough guys out there that are willing to rob, rape or steal things from good people, this may be one of the best home defense guns we have tested. Our Carryconcealed.net team gives this a 5 out of 5 for a home defense tool and 4 out of 5 for an all around CCW gun. The 4 stars is only due to the difficulty in hiding a full sized 1911. Anyone that practices with .45 ACP regularly should be able to use the Colt Delta Elite Government 10mm handgun with confidence. If the .45 is too much for you to handle, it would be better to have well placed shots from a .38.

The bottom line: While Colt does not manufacture the Delta any more, if you can buy one at a reasonable price it would be worth the money. You may want to stock up on 10 mm ammunition, as it may not be readily available in the future. Clark –Carryconcealed.net