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Cobra Enterprises 38 Special


The age old question "Does Size Matter?" The answer is yes when "Pocket Appeal" is on the line.

There are so many questions that people should ask when they are picking out a new hand gun or firearm. What is the firearm going to be used for?

Who is going to have access?

Is it going to used to stop an intruder in a home invasion?

Are you going to carry it while going to the movies, or church?

What size bullet? Revolver? Semi-automatic? Derringer?

After sitting down with a local expert and getting some good advice it would be good to consider one of the primary rules of carrying a concealed weapon…..you have to carry it. If the gun is too big and you have nowhere to hide you will most likely quit wearing the gun and leave it at home. We all hear stories of "if I only had my gun things would be different." We believe that it is best to carry the largest caliber bullet that you feel comfortable shooting in the lightest frame to match. We found a very good solution in the Cobra Enterprises long bore derringer. The one tested has the following specifications:

38 Special
3.5" barrel length
5.4" overall length
3.31" overall height
16 oz. empty weight
Laminated Rosewood
Bright Chrome

The derringer differs from the older designs from derringers in that the Cobra Enterprises models actually have a safety. We found that the "pocket rocket" as some of my students called it performed very well at close range of 5 to 15 feet. They found it easy to load and is fun to shoot. If you are a beginner and are new to shooting please get your local instructors take you to the range to practice. Even though this is a small handgun it is extremely powerful and should be treated as such. This long bore derringer performed like a champ at the range and has a great "Pocket Appeal". The "Pocket Appeal" is the feeling that you have knowing you can get decent stopping power in a hurry if necessary. The stopping power of the 38 special in such a well-balanced package fits with the age-old question. Size does matter, in both the gun size vs. the stopping power afforded by the caliber of the bullet. Purchase price for this gun $150.00 and it is worth every penny. Another accessory is the speed strip that holds 5 rounds. These are made by Bianchi and work great!  They are a great way to keep 5 rounds in your pocket and not loose them. You also need to get the holsters with the Cobra Derringer, as you will want to carry this one everywhere! -Clark

Here is the Cobra Enterprises link:  http://www.cobrapistols.com/index2.htm