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Carrying Concealed in the Open with a Day Planner Holster

   We were asked to take a look at the Roma Leather Organizer with Hidden Gun Compartment. It is filled with monthly, weekly, and daily planners. When you open the organizer it has a zippered pouch for money or valuables, a calculator, credit card or business card slots. The leather feels soft and it gets more comfortable after carrying around and getting broke in. Separated by subject dividers, organizer also includes sections for projects, an expense report area, and plenty of notepaper to make notes on what to bring home for dinner. Pictured is the hidden compartment with the daytimer portion under the handgun.


The size : 10" x 8" x 2.5" is a little wider than I am used to carrying as a day planner, but it fits my full sized 1911 or my .357 2inch Taurus Snubby. The holster section is very flexible and is lined with Velcro so that you can move the holster around to meet the specifications of your handgun. You could put a small combination lock on the zipper for the handgun just to keep the casual observer, but this brings up the very interesting point of this kind of holster. If you lock it, you will not be able to draw very fast. We took this to the range to try and draw and fire. This would be a recommended practice for anyone who buys one. It is one thing to think that just because you have the gun in your day timer does not mean that you can draw it fast. This was an eye opener for me as I thought I could draw a lot faster than I could. After practice it was a lot easier and we hope that people practice at the range before you carry this product.

The major problem with this type of holster is the ability of the person to set this down and walk away. If you have the ability to keep your day planner in your hands at 100% of the business day then this is the holster for you. Please note that many states do not allow CCW permit holders to carry guns in bars, so if you stop by after work or for a business meeting this may be a problem.

One advantage to this type of holster is the ability to carry your hand gun with your CCW permit right out in the open and not worry about what your are going to wear. As stated in other articles, I take longer to dress than my wife. I have to pick what kind of event we are going to and first pick the gun, then the holster and then what can cover the holster. I do not know how women have done this all of these years.

We are in the process of getting the holster to our contributors for testing. With many of them having expertise in other areas it should be a good wide test. We will be updating this article with pictures and comments from our contributors. We will be updating as we get feed back from the team. We will post our scores after the testing is done.

Clark – Carryconcealed.net