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Bond Arms Double Barrel Derringer. “Texas Defender” –

Carryconcealed.net names this "The Original Homeland Defense".

We just put the Bond Arms "Texas Defender" chambered for the .45 Long Colt and 410 Shot Shell through it’s paces at the range. This was recommended to us from one of our long time friends who had found the "Texas Defender" and ordered it in for us to test. The test included shots fired using the 250-grain Silvertip HP Winchester defense rounds and the 150 grain FMJ cowboy loads. Helping with the tests were two police officers and a judge. Shots were fired from 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet and 25 feet. The trigger pull on the Defender is heavier than a normal semi-automatic, but is better than other derringers we have tested. We talked to Charlie, Vice President at Bond Arms and he was very helpful in preparing us for the tests. His suggestion of using the first section of the trigger finger helped in not pulling the gun down when shooting. The trigger finger needs to pull straight back as opposed to down and which will ultimately cause the barrel to lower during the shot. The Blade front sight was very helpful in getting quick shots off when drawing from the holster. After shooting at the range we all agreed that it would be better to be hit by a Mack Truck than take a shot from this pocket cannon. One of our panel members commented "it looked like some one threw a Volkswagen through the target."

The Defender has a trigger guard that helps separate the Bond Arms design from other derringers. Some of the older derringers from other manufactures are a little unnerving when a loaded derringer is carried in the front pocket. The trigger guard coupled with the crossbolt saftey and the retracting firing pins help in making the Defender a very safe choice in derringers.

The Interchangeable Barrel is one of the coolest features that we looked at. The ability to change calibers by only changing the barrel demonstrates the incredible design and engineering that went in to this firearm.

The cool features are only one part of the entire Bond Arms experience. The holsters and handle upgrades add to the "cool" factor. We tried the Cowboy Holster, Cowboy Shell Holder, Shoulder Rig and the additional handles.

Jim, our local expert was able to place groups of less than 1 inch at 15 feet without any problem. All of us agreed that the weight, design, and the quality manufacturing of the Defender all add up to a great conceal hand gun that lives up to the Bond Arms slogan of being the "the finest in double barrel protection." We were also informed from Bond Arms that Ted Nugent had just received his Bond Arms derringer and also had positive feed back on the performance.

The bottom line: Carryconciled.net gives the Texas Defender a 6 out of 5 stars because the company has taken great lengths to provide the support, and add on products to enhance the entire shooting experience with this little pocket rocket. Pictured on the right is another of our law enforcement advisors durring the testing. Pictured is the Texas Defender shooting a 00 Buck 410 Shot Shell. That puts a big hole on the paper.



The Bond Arms Derringers come in the following calibers:


45 Colt/.410 Shot Shell(rifled)
.357 MAG/.38 Spl
.357 MAX

.45 ACP
.45 Colt, Only
.45 Glock Auto
.44 Special
44-40 Winchester
.40 S&W
10 mm
9 mm Lugar
32 H & R Mag
.22 Long Rifle

Texas Defender Features: Retail price: $389.00

• Interchangeable Barrels
••••Rebounding Hammer
• Retracting Firing Pins
• Crossbolt Safety
• Spring-Loaded Cammed Locking Lever
••••for a tighter barrel/frame fit and Rapid loading and unloading)
• Stainless Steel with Satin Polish Finish

Barrel: 3’

Weight: 19 oz.

Length: 5’

Stocks: Custom Laminated Black Ash or Rosewood

Sights: Bladefront and Fixed Rear

About Bond Arms:

BOND ARMS, INC. is located in Granbury, Texas and manufactures the award-winning Bond Arms derringer –The company tag line is "the finest in double barrel protection."

This 6-time CASS (Cowboy Action Shooting Society) world champion was originally organized under the name Texas Armory. The company became incorporated as Bond Arms in 1995 and was licensed by the BATF as a firearms manufacturer and dealer.

The company is owned by Greg Bond. Greg is a mechanical engineer and journeyman tool and die maker with 28 years manufacturing experience. He designed the product, built and tested prototypes and designed and built most of the tooling needed to begin manufacturing.