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Beretta Bobcat .22LR is a great low recoil backup gun. - Warning - use the right ammo!


When my wife wanted to carry a gun her first words were; "I do not want much recoil". Well as you go through and assess what you want to carry, please remember the Carryconcealed.net rule regarding the caliber of CCW handgun you purchase. "Use the largest caliber handgun you can shoot while maintaining absolute control." This small 335-gram semi-automatic is a real fun pocket pistol to shoot. We ran 50 rounds of low cost rounds purchased in the bulk boxes. We found that we had many jams and frustration. As my wife was about to tell me where to put the Bobcat, I was able to pull out several hundred rounds of Stinger CCI rounds. We never had a miss-fire and her confidence was restored. The pistol has a nice barrel flip feature that allows to quickly clear jams and get operational quickly. The small barrel length does not lend it self for tight groups at 25 yards, but was very accurate at 10 to 15 yards.

Significant advantages:

1: Small size lends itself to being carried instead of being left in the car.

2: Low recoil helps steady hands for clean shots.

3: Low cost rounds help with practicing.

4: Barrel flip feature allows for quick clearing of jams and a easy way to check for an empty chamber when passing the firearm to someone else.

Significant disadvantages:

1: .22 Long Rifle is not a good CCW round. (However; it is better to carry a .22LR than not carry at all)

2: Only Stinger rounds were able to feed through the handgun with out jamming. This is due to the blowback feed system. As long as the Stinger rounds are used there is no disadvantage.

Chambered for .22LR or .25ACP (6.35 mm). The Bobcat comes with a 7-round magazine for .22LR ammunition, or an 8 round magazine for .25 (6.35 mm)caliber cartridges.

Type Semi-automatic pistol Place of origin Italy Production history Manufacturer Beretta Produced 1979 - present Specifications Weight

335 g (.22)

325 g (.25)

Length 125 mm (4.9 in) Barrel length 61 mm (2.4 in)


.22 LR

.25 ACP (6.35 mm)

Action blowback Feed system 7 (.25) or 8 (.22) round magazine Sights Iron sights

As our Carryconcealed.net review team played with the Bobcat it was apparent that Beretta has a real winning design with this little semi-auto defense handgun. If you use this as a back up pistol, or if you are in situations where you must conceal this is the handgun for you. Please take yours to the range and try the different types of ammunition. Make sure you are comfortable with the action of the Bobcat as the flip barrel is a little different and you could flip the barrel and unload the gun in a difficult situation rather than drop the magazine for a tactical reload.

Scott, one of Carryconcealed.net's law enforcement advisors was helping with this test.

Our review team gave this a 4 out of 5 stars only because of the .22LR round. Beretta has a real winner.