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A tale of the Indiana CCW Permit

On May 6, 2006, I filled out my application for a handgun license for Indiana. I had had
the form for some time, and as it happens, someone with whom I work is a Notary Public,
so I was able to have the form notarized without cost.Several (a week to ten) days later, I went to a local convenience store and purchased two money orders for $10 and $15, respectively. Each of these cost $0.99. I then went to the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office and asked to
whom I needed to speak about obtaining my permit. The clerk came out shortly thereafter
and confirmed my information on the form. I was required to write either my Indiana
Driver's License number OR my Social Security number on the form, and did so. I handed
her the money order for $10 and was given a receipt, then had the fingerprints of each
finger of my right hand taken on the back of the application form. The envelope required
two first class stamps, at $0.39 each, and the application was accompanied by the other
money order. I was told that I could expect a six to eight week turnaround to receive my

Three days later, May 18, I received a letter in the mail from the sheriff,
warning me of the serious responsibility of carrying a handgun, of the potential
liability involved, and informing me of the amount of training the deputies undergo both
with their weapons and in the details of the law regarding the use of deadly force. The
letter also re-stated the 6-8 week time frame, and closed by informing me that my permit
was approved because I have a constitutional right to bear arms, and asking me to keep
the safety of the citizens in mind while exercising that right.

On June 14, I called the State Police to inquire as to the status of my license. I had no
expectation that they would have issued it or not at this point, but I was surprised to
be told that I was not even in the system yet. Apparently, that is the final step in the
process. I asked the person to whom I was speaking (presumably a trooper, but I don't
know this) what "the process" entailed, and he told me that he was not free to discuss
that. I found this rather surprising, and can't imagine why they would be unwilling to
divulge the various sources they check for (presumably) criminal history, etc. I was told
that I could call back at any time, though he recommended I wait at least a week to do so.
On June 23, I received a letter from the Indiana State Police Records Division,
containing a pink paper on which was printed my license along with information about it
and also containing a paper with information about firearm safety. As recommended, I cut
the license from the paper and had it laminated. One week from today, the law changes and
I will be submitting paperwork for my lifetime license. I have no expectation that the
process will be any different, with the exception of the fees involved.

Update: The law did in fact change, however in contrast to what I was told by my
Sheriff's department prior, since I have just received my license, I cannot "renew" it
until 180 days or less from it's expiration. Frustrating, but I have my license, so I'm
OK with this.
Apparently, ISP made this determination, and I'm not willing to surrender my license to
repeat the process for the lifetime version.

Expenses to this point:
County fee: $10.00
State fee:  $15.00
M.O fee:    $ 1.98
Stamps:     $ 0.78
Lamination: $ 1.30

Total:      $29.06

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